The rule of two occupations

Recently i discovered that in the most efficient life schedule, you would always have only two major occupations at a time. That's also what i indefinitely try to follow. The combinations can be truly different:

Actually, the most popular combinations include something official + a hobby. But other combinations are also possible.


But why exactly two occupations? Not three, not one, not four? Here, I'll tell why it's the most efficient to split your day at two separate parts, each of which is responsible for one of the two occupations. An average human needs around 8 hours of sleep to feel rested. This means, he has 16 hours of free time per day. Here, we could have two cases:

1. The person has job/education time

In this case, the division is pretty obvious. The job/education here will be one of two occupations. It generally takes around 8-9 hours per day, so you are left with 7-8 hours of free time. The necessity of eating and probably having other minor occupations will take another couple of hours. Thus, the rest of your hours will be left to your second major occupation, because less time would not be enough to perform all nice stuff.

2. The person is totally free

This is a rare case, but you would ask why can't this person have 3-4 or more occupations. My belief is pretty simple - naturally, the humans aren't prone to multitasking. One or two serious hobbies during a period of your life is the most efficient solution. On the other hand, how about having only one major occupation? Unfortunately, most people will burn out after some time of such a schedule. Though, i accept that this schedule might fit certain people.

My friend has tens of hobbies! How dare you say he isn't efficient?

Well, if he is efficient, he probably uses one trick, which i will tell about here. The combination of occupations doesn't have to be constant. For example, your combination can be Job+A personal project. The project takes around 2-3 months to it completion, but then it's over. You can throw away it from the combination, and replace with something else! Or, for example, University+Book. Same here. It also might be possible to alternate combinations:

Thus, your friends likely is applying one of these techniques.

My super hobbie is programming or something else, i want to do it 24/7

The good news is: you can. Two occupations might be of one field. Just ensure that they differ. For example, it can be:

... and anything else. Thus, if you choose your occupations to be from the same field, they should feel noticeable different for you.

05 october 2021