July 2021

july 17 2021

Keep experimenting with this 3$ Adafruit chip-based display in the process of writing a stm32f10x library for its usage.

lcd1 lcd2 lcd3

july 12 2021

Forgot to update - the EEPROM worked as expected. Apparently i could use another technique of SMD soldering:

  1. Put chip to the surface of the circuit
  2. Add some liquid flux to the pins
  3. Spread soldering paste near pins (bridges are fine on this stage)
  4. Solder. Bridges will be dissipated

Damn, forgot to use flux! Would make the whole process much easier. Anyway this is my first soldering experience ever, so the result is good enough.

july 11 2021

I wanted to get a EEPROM device and ordered one - it costed around $0,60 - so ideal and cheap. But after receiving it, i found out that the size is more than twice smaller than i expected, around 5mm. Today i learned it's a SMD chip in a SOIC8 package, not quite what i expected. Fortunately, it was easy for me to find a SOIC8-PDIP8 adapter and PLS pins in the local microelectronics store. Unfortunately though, i don't have a soldering station fith a fan, only a $0.5 soldering pencil.. Let's try to use it for this purpose.

This morning I have been trying to solder it perfectly by using a soldering paste with a soldering pencil. Not surprisingly, the pins were getting bridges in between, so i started from zero several times. After a lot of time and struggle, the process is finished XD. Tomorrow i'll check whether the EEPROM module works correctly.

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4