July 2021

july 31 2021

I have seen a shadow of a spiral being near Olympia today. It was disintegrated in the air of an immense volume, presumably around 50 m², producing clicking sounds of a high frequency.

july 17 2021

Playing with this nice 3$ Adafruit chip-based display.

lcd1 lcd2 lcd3

There are no stm32f10x libraries for this one whatsoever, so let's get back to manual "labour" (joke, it's much fun ;)0).

july 12 2021

Forgot to update - the EEPROM worked as expected. ;)0 Apparently i could use another technique of SMD soldering:

  1. Put chip to surface of circuit
  2. Put some liquid flux to pins
  3. Spread soldering paste to pins (bridges are fine on this stage)
  4. Solder. Bridges will be dissipated

Damn, forgot to use flux! Would make the whole process much easier. Don't repeat my mistakes.

july 11 2021

Wanted to get a small EEPROM device and i found this one - costs around $0,60 - so ideal and cheap.. Ordered. Well when i got it, the size was twice smaller than i expected! Around 5mm. Without any possibility to put it through hole on my breakboard. Then i learned this thing is SMD in SOIC8 package - one real issue.. Fortunately, local microelectronics shop got an SOIC8-PDIP8 adapter. I decided to try it - got some soldering paste, PLS pins - i hope my $0,50 soldering pencil will handle it.. LOL

This morning I spent somehow putting soldering paste to this smallest SMD microcircuit - pins constantly got bridges in between, so i had to redo everything from zero. After lot of time and struggle, it's done. I'm happy - no pins got connections after the process. Look at these:

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4